Beautiful BC / Sawdust Collector

I’m just recently back from an epic traipse around the globe with Company B Jazz Band, 5 weeks on the road and in the sky, stopping off first in China and then in Europe. It was truly amazing experience - for just a little taste of it, check out some pics and posts on our instagram page. I’m happy to be digging the Vancouver scene again though, indulging like a tourist in taking pseudo-arty photos of mountains, streams, ocean vistas, sunsets, etc, etc… Also, reconnecting with the friends and performers in this city whom I love.

Next Tuesday Dec. 4th will be my first gig back with my dear and enormously talented colleagues Jeff Younger and Skye Brooks, performing my original tunes at the Gold Saucer Studio as part of the Sawdust Collector concert series. I’m sharing the night with projection designer / filmographer / tech artist Daniel O’Shea; his work is imaginative and challenging, and rightfully internationally recognized. I’m so looking forward to seeing what he brings to the Gold Saucer space!

Dec. 4th / 9pm / Gold Saucer Studio:

The front door is located at 207 West Hastings. Information on how to enter the show is posted on the front door of the building by 8:45 PM on every show night. After 9:30 PM you will need a cell phone to enter. If you do not have access to a phone, please try to arrive by 9:15 PM. If you come later there may be a wait.